Parasites in the human body: symptoms and treatment

parasites live in the walnut

Since the invention of the microscope, everyone has known what lives in their bodies.a huge number of microorganisms. . . Many of them are irreplaceable participants in the digestive processes, the production of hormones, vitamins and enzymes. At the same time, our bodynatural habitatvariousparasites, the number and species diversity of which is very impressive. They cause enormous damage to human organs and tissues that live in the circulatory system (malaria plasmodium), skin (lice and fleas) and internal body cavities (worms). The category of intracellular parasites includes pathogenic viruses and microbes that cause hepatitis, influenza, herpes, polio, lymphogranulomatosis, AIDS, and many other dangerous diseases. Is there salvation?

Descriptionsymptomsandmethods of fightingwith all kindsparasitesthe human body would require the creation of a solid multi-volume work. I confine myself to helminthic problems - diseases and methods of treatment caused by parasitic worms (worms).

Science has described more than 250 species of worms,it lives in the human body. . . In addition, medical statistics show that almost 95% of humanity is infected with parasites and especially worms. Therefore, none of us can say with absolute certainty that it is not a repository of uninvited guests. Of course, these sad facts do not cause panic and urgent investigation into the presence of helminth samples. However, to know the typicaltünettaneveryone needs to know their presence.

The following main symptoms indicate the presence of parasites in the body:

  • weakness;
  • drastic weight loss;
  • unexplained weight gain and weight loss difficulties;
  • headache of unknown origin;
  • predisposition to diarrhea and gastrointestinal disorders;
  • skin diseases, from acne to hair loss, psoriasis and neurodermatitis;
  • decreased immunity, frequent manifestations of herpes and other infectious diseases;
  • insomnia.

Each of these symptoms may indicate a disorder that is not directly related to the worms. However, if you have more than one problem on the list at the same time, you need to take steps to diagnose andcleansing the body of parasites. . .

Anyone who has carefully read the symptoms of helminthic invasion has probably asked himself the question: why can worms cause weight gain because they "suck juice out of us" and don’t provide additional food? In fact, there is no mystery here. Once settled in the intestines, worms take away valuable nutrients from our bodies and leave empty calories. To replenish these, the body needs more food, and this process inevitably leads to obesity.

What if the tests showed the presence of worms? What folk and phytotherapeutic treatment methods can be used in case of parasite invasion?

Among the main onesantiparasitic agents(worms) is recommended by traditional medicineherbs containing bitternessand antimicrobial. The effect of the treatment is multiplied by the use of complex antiparasitic herbal preparations which have a detrimental effect not only on the parasites themselves but also on their larvae.

Effective herbs for expelling worms are knownsageandtansy. . . The first plant is poisonous, so it is better to use it as part of an anthelmintic collection that states the dosing schedule and adheres to the exact dosing. Tansy should only be taken by adults. An infusion from this plant, popularly known as a worm, is used against fungal worms, tapeworms, and other types of worms.

elecampane in the fight against parasites

The roots have a broad spectrum of anthelmintic activity.elecampane. . . With their help, you can not only get rid of parasitesin the digestive tract, but alsoin the blood, nervous system, and lungs.

Bloodweedit not only provides relief from warts and skin rashes, but is also a good way to get rid of itlambliaworms that are difficult to remove in the human liver. Use this plant as wellwild rosemary, is best as part of a balanced anthelmintic collection, as self - healing can trigger poisoning.

Strongparalyzing effect on tapewormscontains decoctions derived from the peel of fruits, flowers or the bark of branchesgrenade. . . The same group of herbs includes male ferns, common thyme (thyme) and centaury.

Simple and reliable folk remedy for parasites, the moderate use of which may accompany the fight against helminths,garlic. . . The burning essential oils of this plant irritate the receptors on the skin of the worms and begin to move and try to escape from the aggressive environment. However, in ascariasis, garlic should be eaten with caution as not all tapeworms that enter the stomach die from hydrochloric acid. Some of them can enter the esophagus or respiratory system.

Another useful herbal anthelmintic is pumpkin seeds.. . . The thin green shell covering the seeds contains a substance that causes itspindleworms have muscle paralysis. . .Pumpkin seeds are particularly effective against dumplings. . . To kill tapewormssimple intake of pumpkin seeds brings little benefit, much better to consumepumpkin seed oil: Add to salads or cereals instead of the usual sunflower.

Regular consumption of cardamom, ginger and cinnamonwill give preventiondevelopment of intestinal helminthiasis.

Despite the huge benefits of herbs in fighting parasites, other important rules for the treatment of helminthic invasions should not be forgotten. . .

The first is the transition to a vegetarian diet.with plenty of raw vegetables, nuts, herbs and fruits. Its main purpose is to deprive parasites of food.based on meat and milk, which we consume almost every day. These foods are slowly digested, thereforethey serve as a medium for worms.Those who fear that milk is excluded from the diet, deprive their bodies of calcium, should use fermented dairy products. In them, milk casein is in an easily digestible form.

The second point isincrease the body's immunitywith the support of the bodies that play a key role in this process. The main one is the spleen, which renews our blood and produces lymphocytes - the body’s cancer protectors.

Those who have fortunately escaped the removal of appendicitis should remember that this part of the gut is undeservedly classified as an unnecessary atavism. It is an important laboratory of our body, where B vitamins are produced and useful microorganisms live, without which the intestinesyou will not be able to work normally. . .

black walnuts in the fight against parasites

Therefore, try to follow a proper diet and take anthelmintic drugs regularly:Collection of antiparasitic herbs(2 weeks of treatment at least 2 times a year) respblack walnut tincture1 month treatment 1 time per year. itfree your appendix from spindlewormswho visit him regularly to replenish vitamin B stores. Such visits result in inflammation, which may necessitate removal of the caecum. This deprives the body of essential vitamins, leading to additional diseases.

The third point in the fight against worms was articulated briefly and concisely by the Athonite monks, although in fact this rule is broader and more general.

"If you want a sweet life - drink and eat bitter,if you want a bitter life in grief and sickness, eat and drink sweets. "

By eliminating or minimizing flour and sweets from our diet, wewe are deprived of worms and parasitesmedium for development. A good example of the practical observance of this dictatorship is the nutrition of the peoples of the countries of the South. Here, most food is based on bitter and spicy spices. Without their use in warm climates, it is extremely difficult to protect yourself from parasites.

Returning to phytotherapeutic treatments, it should be noted that in orderit was successful to cleanse the body of parasites, the intake of antiparasitic herbs should be combined with an enema to help remove toxins left after the worms die. An alternative option is the concomitant administration of sea buckthorn bark, flaxseed, senna laxative infusions, which are often mandatory components of antiparasitic preparations. Fees should also include anti-inflammatory, soothing herbs that do not cause "stomach pain, " so complex fees are always preferred over worm-taking herbs taken separately.

Good exampleantiparasitic collection with a broad spectrum of effects(for different types of worms) the following composition: tansy flowers 3 parts, chamomile 2, mistletoe leaf 2, mint 1, eucalyptus 1, wormwood 1, thyme 3, agaric 2, centaury 2, dandelion 1, celandine 1, wild rosemary 1, dandelion 2, calamus root 2, elecampane 1, catnip 1, sea buckthorn bark 1. To prepare the infusion, boil a tablespoon of the herb with a glass of boiling water. Insist for 30 minutes. Filter it. Drink a glass of infusion for at least 2 weeks in the morning and evening. In case of severe helminthic lesions, extend the course for one month, rest for 2 weeks and you can startblack walnut treatment.More pleasant (does not taste bitter than the herbal infusion), but no less effective. The duration of treatment with black walnut tincture is 2 months. At the same time, pumpkin seed oil andPumpkin balm(pumpkin oil 1: 1 mixed with thistle oil and a few drops of peppermint oil) 1 dessert spoon three times a day to prevent constipation.

To be healthy! Take the time to prevent disease, you will have much less of it to treat.